Works of Art

My portfolio contains anything I have created that I love. I hope the vibrant colors, texture, form and function inspire you.

Cardboard Motorcycle

This piece has really been my focus for many years to complete it. With many learning curves along the way my vision is finally a reality. As I prepare for my first ever gallery event I am excited to show off my vision in cardboard.

Freddy Fazbear

#freddyfazbear the love of my life. Worked out so well. It was a process but this costume worked great and I got to work with different materials and moving parts. The eyes blink.

Movie Clapper – Cardboard

Getting done! In the beginning of most #cardboardart projects I always feel useless because I just took apart a box to make a box…..but when the final product starts to emerge I feel much better about my craft. This is fairly simple but it will be a perfect...

The Start of it all!

Oldie but goodie. This is how the #cardboardqueen got started. Lots of things happening. My cardboard revelation.

Painted Cardboard

A great birthday party prop I made for a real Moana fan. Well Tomatoa you are a pain in the butt. This #cardboardart is finally done. #moanabirthdayparty #monstersoftherealmparty

People in cardboard

Now that I have successfully created an inanimate object out of cardboard I want to build lifelike people to go with those inanimate objects. This is a good start. Boys hands for the equestrian scene. This project should come to life this summer so stay tuned. Scale...