The Cardboard Queen

Not the beginning of my creations and I hope to never find the end.

After years of experiments with all kinds of art forms I finally found my passion. Over time my window displays in Doylestown, Chestnut Hill, and West Chester have guided me to my current evolution in art. I hope for great things to come and lots more exploration but for now my art finally makes me happy and fills a void that has long bothered me as I created. This is just the beginning!

Externally a “Normal Girl”

Internally I have always been a little funky. My art has always varied between tame illustrations to shock art. Most of my shock art was in my early years, possibly to make up for artistic insecurities. I still like people to really THINK when they view my art. Revealing unusual objects that are used, hidden messages, and meaningful placement of collage objects are part of my process. The purpose of my art is to make someone smile, ponder and enjoy. I hope you find joy and inspiration in my works of art.

Where you can visit my work

At this time my artwork is fortunate enough to be front and center in window displays in Doylestown, Chestnut Hill, and West Chester.

Doylestown, Pa

Chestnut Hill, Pa

West Chester, Pa

Works in Progress

Ever since I was a kid I knew I loved to work and build things with my hands. I am so thankful that I get to explore my creative side working in just that manner. I am also enjoying documenting progress of my work and showing off the finished product.

Cardboard Motorcycle

This piece has really been my focus for many years to complete it. With many learning curves along the way my vision is finally a reality. As I prepare for my first ever gallery event I am excited to show off my vision in cardboard.

Freddy Fazbear

#freddyfazbear the love of my life. Worked out so well. It was a process but this costume worked great and I got to work with different materials and moving parts. The eyes blink.

Movie Clapper – Cardboard

Getting done! In the beginning of most #cardboardart projects I always feel useless because I just took apart a box to make a box…..but when the final product starts to emerge I feel much better about my craft. This is fairly simple but it will be a perfect...

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